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Animal Breeding CASA Laboratory Require Special Sperm Counting Slide

We both know human sperm quality is important for male fertility.And nowadays for most of hospital or andrology lab,they both equipped with CASA Sperm Analyzer and Sperm Counting Slide for sperm quality analysis.

But do you know animal breeding industry? Animal Breeding is very popular now over the world.They have to choose the best healthy animal sperm to breeding.So sperm analysis laboratory is required and most of lab equipped with CASA Sperm Analysis System all over the world.CASA Semen Analysis must equipped with a disposable sperm counting slide with different chamber.And the slide is something different from the slide applied in human sperm analysis.The main difference is the slide vover glass thickness.

Animal slide require more thinner cover glass,this is a challenge for most of slide manufacturer,because it is very thin and very easy to break and crack in production,resulting in a sharp increase in production loss.That is why most of slide factory dont manufacture animal slide.ASCEN always attach great importance to R&D,and of cause thanks to our experienced R&D team,our slide break slide industry technology again and again to meet our domestic and international standards,our animal slide is under batch production,soon it will take up the market because we have faith in it.



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