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Animal Reproductive CASA Sperm Counting Slide Same With Human Clinic CASA Slide?

As we all know,CASA Semen Analysis apply to human sperm and veterinary sperm analysis.This is very important for human fertility analysis and animal reproductive research.And for CASA,We must use Sperm Counting Slide to assist semen analysis.

So does the human application sperm counting slide same with the veterinary application sperm counting slide? The answer is absolutely no. The main difference is the slide cover glass thickness.For verterinary sperm counting slide,the cover glass require more thinner,the thickness require 0.17 and our ASCEN Sperm Counting Slide achieve this and even 0.15 thickness to meet customers requirement. It greatly improve customers saving their cost and improve their CASA Analysis.

Our ASCEN CASA disposable counting chamber slide is perfectly match with the world popular CASA Software system for automatic semen analysis.

1. Hamilton Thorne Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis
CASA (Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis) image analysis systems are designed to bring quality, efficiency, and reliability to studies of reproductive cells in the human fertility*, animal sciences, and reproductive toxicology fields. Our sperm analyzers assist researchers and clinicians in analyzing sperm motility, morphology, or other characteristics in human fertility, toxicology, research, and animal applications. IVOS II CASA Sperm Analyzer, CEROS II Microscope Sperm Analyzer, TOX IVOS II CASA Semen Analyzer

2. MICROPTIC CASA Systems SCA CASA System for semen analysis allows the accurate, repetitive and automatic assessment of the following sperm parameters: motility, concentration, morphology, DNA fragmentation, vitality, acrosome reaction and leukocytes.

3. Minitube AndroVision: CASA software with PC and monitor
AndroVision CASA Analyzer is a highly precise automated system for computerized semen analysis. It not only provides classical analyses of motility, concentration and morphology, but also various fluorescence based assessments of sperm functionality. The basic system for the analysis of motility and concentration is complemented by optional software modules.

4. computer assisted semen analysis System - GenePro
All these CASA Comptuter Assisted Semen Analysis Software System Analyzer popular in the market



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