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Guang dong ASCEN Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of reproductive laboratories and bioengineering inspection testing products. It is located in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, a coastal city.

We are a medical technology company specializing in research and development, and manufacturing of reproductive laboratory test products. Since the establishment of the company, it has been committed to the research and development and manufacture of medical testing products such as CASA sperm analyzer and disposable Sperm Counting Slide apply in reproductive laboratory. At present, the company's main products include automatic CASA sperm analyzer, disposable sperm counting slide and so on.

The company has always attached importance to the independent research and development of new technologies and products. CASA sperm analyzers and sperm counting slide are widely used in many fields such as male reproductive department inspection, veterinary animal sperm inspection, scientific laboratories and so on.

The CASA sperm analyzer developed by the company applies the latest computer image processing and analysis technology and advanced artificial intelligence technology to high-tech intelligent products of modern reproductive medicine. It automatically recognizes sperm and automatically tracks sperm trajectories, which can be fast and automatic Completely complete a number of parameter analysis in line with the fifth edition of the WHO international standard, and conduct a comprehensive quantitative analysis of the movement and static characteristics of sperm. It is suitable for clinical semen testing and provides an important scientific basis for testing male fertility and animal reproduction.

The disposable CASA series sperm counting slide (disposable sperm counting slide) independently developed and produced by the company together with CASA sperm analyzer is designed and calibrated for the CASA application of computer-assisted sperm analysis, and meets the international CASA standard and the international OIE standard application requirements , The material is highly clean and non-toxic, and the specially optimized exhaust design is adopted. The semen is automatically sucked in from the sample inlet and fills the entire analysis chamber easily and quickly, saving time and reducing work intensity. It is widely used in the fields of andrology laboratory,reproductive laboratory,clinical medical examination, animal husbandry, life science research, drug experiment and toxicology experiment, and carries out computer-assisted semen analysis for different types of sperm. The depth fluctuation stability of our sperm slide is very stable, even more stable than the Leja slide, and most importantly the price is very competitive. This is also an important reason why our sperm counting slide is popular in overseas markets.Up to now,our sperm counting slide have 10micron depth,20micron depth,50micron depth.80micron depth and 100micron depth both with 2 chamber and 4 chamber,some also 8 chambers.

With its first-class independent R & D capability, the company aims to be a first-class brand in the field of CASA sperm analysis and inspection,become a professional independent R&D, manufacturing and sales manufacturer of medical products such as sperm analysis instruments and sperm counting slide and so on.


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